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[ Tuesday, May 21, 2002 ]

Zapping through the countless stations on the TV-set I get the funny feeling that most of the companies that are exposed to journalists enquiries are completely unprepared… less the a twentieth of then handles the questions of the journalists on a decent way.
It is too easy how some journalists use tricks that are as old as the Himalaya to make people slip on a unprepared answer.
Media are supposed to deliver the truth, but all to often well meaning spokespersons deliver “bonus” to the journalists, by delivering dangerous and backfiring quotes…..

Danny [05:23]


Danny [05:17]

[ Wednesday, May 15, 2002 ]

About me...

Hi! I'm Danny Devriendt. I'm 32, living in Belgium. I studied Educational Science and Agogics, the social science relating to the promotion of personal, social and cultural welfare. I've been a journalist for six years. My portfolio included several Belgian Newspapers (ex. Het Volk, La Libre Belgique) and various publications (De Krant van West-Vlaanderen, de Zeewacht, Focus Television, Steps,…) of the Roularta Media Group, being editor for a couple of them. I was a freelancer for the Meridian News service in the UK, was the co-founder/chief editor of Le Grand Boulevard, a stylish monthly news magazine. I also worked for the news desk of the Belgian National Radio, Radio 2, specializing in ICT and socio-economic news. I joined Porter Novelli Brussels, a communication consultancy in 1998.

As one of the first Belgian journalists covering on the Internet, I kept an important interest in the ICT-world. I gathered a lot of experience in IT-related communications, specializing in Media Training, giving in depth media training and crisis communication to a broad portfolio of clients. I'm a guest-lecturer at the University of Ghent on media-analysis.

I have a passion for communication, media and agogics...

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